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Quotes by Pat Buchanan on the New World Order and the World Government

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This is a great collection of quotes. Some of them could have more info on their source, but other than that, they are worthy of passing on to those who say there is no plan for a "New World Order".

"NAFTA is not really a trade treaty at all, but the architecture of the
New World Order. . . No matter the cash benefits, we don't want to
merge our economy with Mexico, and we don't want to merge our
country with Mexico. We don't want to force American workers to
compete with dollar-an-hour Mexican labor. That's not what America is
all about."
- Pat Buchanan, Column, 11/7/93

"Today, one-fourth of America's national debt is traceable to foreign aid,
yet we continue to dig deeper into debt to fund "friends" -- three-
quarters of whom more often than not vote against the U.S. in the UN.
The looting of America for the construction of the New World Order
must end. "
- Pat Buchanan, Issue Statement, 4/1/99

"Clinton is about to march America yet another furlong into the New
World Order. Clinton's vehicle: the Chemical Weapons Convention."
- Pat Buchanan, Column, 3/27/97

"The 40 GOP senators and 7 Democrats who backed the Byrd
Amendment -- despite the wounded howls of our foreign policy elite --
have the potential to deconstruct the Bush-Clinton-Gore New World
- Pat Buchanan, Press Release, 5/19/00

"Americans must come to terms with the reality that the world does not
want our dominance, no matter how beneficial we believe it would be.
Efforts to impose a U.S.-led New World Order are going to be fiercely
resisted and costly, and eventually, they are going to fail..... It's time for
a foreign policy that puts national interest ahead of any obligation to
some mythic "international community." It's time to tell the world that,
henceforth, we, too, shall put our own country first. "
- Pat Buchanan, Column, 2/9/98

"The GATT treaty signed in Marrakech is a 29,000-page, 300-pound
monster. Article One, slipped in during the final hours, contains the
WTO. If Congress can strangle this snake in its crib, it could prove a
decisive battle in a second war of American independence, to recapture
U.S. sovereignty from faceless global bureaucrats who view our country
as but a vast, rich province to be plundered and looted on behalf of their
New World Order..... Whether it be foreign aid, or free trade,
intervention or not, what is imperative is that only Americans decide
America's destiny. "
- Pat Buchanan, Column, 5/4/94

"Brzezinski knew that the creation of any New World Order would have
to proceed by stealth. As Richard Gardner, Carter's ambassador to
Italy, wrote in 1974: "The 'house of world order' will have to be built from
the bottom up. An end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece
by piece, will accomplish much more than an old fashioned frontal
assault." .... Advancing on little cat's feet, they have done their work.
By 1992 Mr. Clinton could appoint as Deputy Secretary of State his
roommate from Oxford days who openly welcomed the death of nations
and the coming of world government."
- Pat Buchanan, Speech 1/6/00

"The house of world order is indeed being built from the bottom up; but
resistance is also beginning to build. In December globalists were
astounded there was so much anger in Seattle at the WTO. But our
trade-uber-alles elites do not understand America, or American history.
It was the will of this people to be masters in their own house that
steeled our first patriots to stand up to the troops of the British Empire,
just outside this city in 1775. A spirit of liberty is bred in our bones."
- Pat Buchanan, Speech 1/6/00

"Let it be said: Loyalty to the New World Order is disloyalty to the
- Pat Buchanan, Speech 1/6/00

"In 1939, in his work, The New World Order, H. G. Wells wrote:
"Countless people...will hate the New World Order...and will die
protesting against it...we have to bear in mind the distress of a
generation or so of malcontents" ... Well, Mr. Wells, we are your
malcontents. But we're not going to die protesting your New World
Order; we're going to live fighting it"
- Pat Buchanan, Speech 1/6/00

"Only in some strange New World Order of President Clinton's
imaginings can a U.S. presence in Bosnia call for a four-year $12 billion
U.S. commitment, while the Panama Canal is let go, when a tiny
investment of a few millions of dollars could have secured it."
- Pat Buchanan, Press Release 12/1/99

"The New World Order is being built on a fallacy and a scam. The
fallacy is that "all nations are created equal" and each has an equal
right to determine the world's destiny. The scam is that the misery of
the world's failed nations is our fault and, therefore, we "owe" them"
- Pat Buchanan, Column 7/28/98

"You may be sure that in this "new international system," the American
citizen will count for precious little. Already, we are told that,
henceforth, U.S. Marines may be put at the command of the United
Nations' Boutros Boutros-Ghali, to fight and die for the new world order"
- Pat Buchanan, Column 8/30/93

"Tom DeLay says I sound "Marxist" -- "more like John Sweeney than
Adam Smith." Well, Tom, if I sound like Sweeney on the issue of
protecting the wages of our workers and keeping manufacturing at
home, it is because, on this issue, I agree with the AFL-CIO leader...
That's why I'm standing with Sweeney. Now, you tell me, Tom, what
you're doing standing with Bill and Al, The Washington Post, the
Council on Foreign Relations, Strobe Talbott and the Trilateral
Commission. What are you guys forming up there -- the New World
Order Conservative Club?"
- Pat Buchanan, Column 9/22/97


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